Why a big quake in Kumamoto?


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Was the quake the first big one in Japan this year? Maybe. We all know there is always a quake, which we don't feel makes us scared when it is just a trivial one. When the earthquake happens too deeply under the ground, however big it may be, we don't know what is really happening there. Our social life is normal. On the contrary, if the seismic center is just a few kilometers under the surf...

Ramen in Japan! Why so yummy?


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Just visit us! I know so many foreigners get much information about ramen in Tokyo. I was watching some TV last night. Again, a reporter went to a Japanese Ramen shop to televise foreigners who all the way came to Japan just for eating ramen. Ramen, however, means that it is not what japanese people invented in the past. Like so many Japanese cultural things, we borrowed them from other co...



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亡き君に(1)忘れないで春  うららかな海海苔を干す人々の笑顔薄桜色した貝を拾い耳に寄せた時の あなたの笑顔も輝いている忘れないで夏  まぶしい朝顔龍のような雲海の中を走り急に開けた視界の彼方に真夏の光が射した時私を呼ぶ声がしたああ、君と一緒にいたい忘れないで秋      祭りの後静まりかえった木の舞台が遥か五山からの細かい雨に濡れ始める夕べにまばらな人影に君を見つけて石段下る迷い子は音羽の...

A poor Chinese woman


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You know nothing about how other people feel when you decide to suicide.You are too self-centered and arrogant, forgetting how to thank us for showing you respect and....love. I know such remarks don't affect you any more because you've lost a sense of humanity before your determination. It was like my father, attempting kill himself because of depression. He had not been normal. When we foun...