Some ideas about reviving my hometown

2018/ 09/ 28
People are declining in number in the countryside. Young boys and girls want to live in urban areas, which we should
accept because that is what we did in the past. There are some good ideas to make them or tourists turn around one more

Treasure hunting
Members of office will bury some money or something priceles, like a pocket monsteror something like that.
Tourists are supposed to dig a hole to find it. They get some hints from the webpage or tourist company. If the treasure is
found, it belongs to whoeversucceed in finding. Is that all? Yes.

The other easy way I have in mind is to attract the tourists by making a love story, based on the indgenous legendary story. A
brand-new story might be interesting, too, but people are usually brainwashed by the specific myth that they are supposed to
know before visiting the scenic spots as common knowledge.

I have some more ideas, too.

To be continued.)