What does the rest of your life look like? あなたの残りの人生はどんなだろ?

2018/ 10/ 20
One of my close friends popped out last week. We were supposed to meet in a tavern one evening, bu he
didn't appear even thirty minutes later.

I called him more than a couple of times, texting him twice or three times. I did so because we hadn't met for
a month. Since I got a text from him a month ago, I haven't mailed nor called him. It's because the text he
sent to me made me learn something from him. He looked bossy and assertive. I just didn't take his advice
seriously so I might have decided to put it aside. Three weeks or so passed since then. I kind of wanted to
see him in spite of my misunderstanding his text, wanting to listen to him to make sure I got him wrong.

We were busy. He was not married, which doesn't mean his life was boring. On rainy days he read or bought books. When it's fine, he used to play tennis with his old friends. He knew what life is. He knew how to enjoy

While waiting in a tavern the day, I thought he was having fun at gathering at a different tavern because he
was too busy to remember the promise he made earlier.

I paid 20 dollars for a beer and radish salad, and went home. But it felt weird. He never failed to call or text
me before he was late. This time, however, i was left alone. Had I kept drinking alone at a table like a few
hours in the tavern, I would have missed the last train and have felt so miserable. Anyway, I was dumped.

On coming back home, I looked for a New Year card from him to check his address.

to be continued)