A bottle of vinegar fell to my new suit

2018/ 10/ 13
No.   I lied.
I upset a bottle of vinegar while eating Chinese food.  
The counter table looked so narrow that I thought a big plate would stick out.  And it did.
An employee carried the plate and placed it safely, but there was a blind spot.  My right eye has weak sight, which means I lost sight of the bottle of vinegar soon after putting it aside.  
I stretched out my right arm to catch a pair of chopsticks which were in a box on the table.  It took time.  I opened it.  Sticky wooden tools!  
I didn't see any china bottles then.   I caught the chopsticks.  When I was about to eat rice, my index finger touched something hard.  I found that I upet a bottle of vinegar!  The liquid was slowly crawling on the table, then down to my brand new pants under the table.  
It began to fall off the table, easily ruining my brand new pants.  
I should've got out of the seat.  But I didn't.   I just worried about the floor.  
I was stupid.
I was stupid.  The floor looked like dirty plastic tiles.    So, vinegar on the floor wouldn't have been a big deal.  I mean, it should not have made the floor dirtier.  It was just like water.  Some other people might have made the similar blunder by spiltting, say, soy sause or red pepper.   People made the floor dirty like that.  
I was stupid.  I thought I should behave like nothing  happened.  Keeping calm matters even when we face hell!   So, I tried to look calm.
I was stupid.  
to be continued