Returning the favor 30 years later, in Thailand

2018/ 11/ 23
The story was about a boy who stole some vegetables and soup for Moher. His family couldn't afford to buy
enough food to support children. Worse, his mother got sick. The boy was caught picking up the foods. A woman who found
him steal ried to punish bitterly, but the shop owner noticed something different. He asked the boy if his moher was too sick to
feed him. The owner decided to give the boy another bowl of vegetable soup and let him go.

One day, while working hard, the owner fell down on the floor. He suffered from brain cancer or some other serious disease. He got a surgery and seemed to be well. But the problem was the bills for the surgery which was too much for his wife left alone. She decided to sell their house, but the old house was too old for a good buy.
One morning, the devastated wife awoke to find a bill which was full of zeros in all items of the expense. There was a note: You already paid the total money with a vegetable soup 30 years ago.

The doctor is the boy who got caught but saved by the owner 30 years ago.