One million roses

2018/ 12/ 09
Do you believe the sad but funny story of the song?

A poor painter fell in love with a dancer who happened to visit his village.

He thought that he had nothing to give her, and that all he could do was give her one million roses.

Is this a stupid story? Or does this kind of story often happen in our life?

As for me, this song tells us that our life is like this. Just because I like the actress doesn't mean she likes me.

She looks so attractive and handsome that her love must be someone who is around her, totally different from me.

She lives in a different world in which we live daily, singing and dancing to music every day. She happened to

attract me, which happens to almost everyone. Drawing attention by appearing on TV, for example, she may

want some prizes so show that her talent of singing and dancing is an extraordinary art. That's why she smiles

and waves to her fans and viewers.

On the other hand, the painter was poor. He couldn't afford to give her a appropriate present. Just a rose

wouldn't be enough.

He wanted to tell her how much he liked her. So, he sold his small house and bought one million roses.

Doe this make sense? I hope so because we usually do the same.

Many new viewers will like her just at first glance.

to be continues)