Skip dinner and lose weight by 5 kg in one month

2018/ 12/ 09
I decided to peel off some weight because the numbers I got at a medical check was extraordinarily bad.

Like I tried ten years ago, I have decided to lose weight. But this time, I feel something is different.

I will lose weight soon. Yes, I did lose 2 kg in a week, which was not a big deal. I am not falsified with the result.

I don't mean that I should have skipped lunch too, but that I don't need unnecessary things any more. The

extra weight comes first. Of course the bad number suggested that I take pills to lower my blood pressure. I

understand what the doctor was talking. I think you are right. I've heard so many times you say so.

Useless and unnecessary things or people. I don't need them.

to be continues)