Carol of the bells

2018/ 12/ 12
I've heard of this music once or twice in the past. Maybe it was when I was watching a foreign movie in
which, at some point, something sad or unhappy was going to happen. Maybe when things are developing to a new stage, becoming more complicated and, therefore, more difficult to find a lead than the protagonists
imagine. The new but irrelevant evidences will make the situations worse, which make the viewers feel anxious, apprehensive and excited.

Well, this feeling is only mine. I don't care who are opposed to mine. I don't care what others think of my
feelings because that's all I feel from the music. The emotional side of human beings con' change soon. I don't meant to change it, either. Above all, the feeling after or while listing to music, is extraordinary varied
from person to person.
The average image or feeling comes after we finish listening to the music, but like I wrote above, the readers
just tell me what you are thinking about in the middle of the listening.

I can tell you how every one sound makes me excited, reminding me of childhood when I was running in the
silver grass on a hot autumn day, Without any reason the kids just ran and ran, while the sun stays put high. We kept running until we found we were on a cliff. When we stopped, the glittering sea of autumn looked so
gentle and graceful.

to be continued)