To be a good English conversationalist

2018/ 12/ 13
Have you ever talked with foreigners and had fun talking with them? Have you joked? Was it just a small talk? It's OK as long as you enjoyed talking with them.

I mean, it's not always easy to have fun talking with foreigners. Even if you are a fluent English learner after
many experiences of spending time with people from abroad, you face some difficulties of communication
because the foreigners usually change the topic so often. Now you think they are talking about politics, and
then, economy and the Olympic Games. The sudden shift of the topic annoys us a lot. However, we do the
same, enjoying talking about trifle and stupid things. The thought about comedy program on TV last night,
the violence among sumo wrestles, and the new album of J-pop singer. They are neither serious nor relevant
to our daily life. Some jokes would be made fun of by smart high school boys and girls passing by us becausethe topics adults talk about are usually old-fashioned type of puns which surely cause what we call generation gap.

The sudden change of topic....

to be continued)