Why do we want to kill people?

2016/ 07/ 08
Almost every day I watch some TV to 
feel discouraged.  
Sad and disappointing news never knows how to stop.
A 40 year old woman was killed by
a high school student,  The boy carried 
an ice pick, which didn't mean he 
had wanted to kill someone.  
It could be anyone,   
some criminals say something like that.
So, we can't deny the fact that there  
some who want to kill people.
Are they paranoid people?
Obsessed with a strong desire to
kill people?
Normal people don't have the ideas 
like that because they are surrounded
by good friends, family members and 
so on.
The point is a good relationship with 
others.  'Good' means something 
trustworthy and relyable.  If we
are always busy making things funny 
when talking with classmates, we
don't build good rapor with them.
Talking about TV stars, funny DVDs 
pop singers must be a lot of fun.
We know how to enjoy by sharing 
what's common in the same 
Matured personality is what we always 
want.  This is not acquired easily, 
We need to imagine how we are 
hurt, when we feel annoyed by 
other and so on.
 Or we need to experience some 
( to be continued )