To Marin Honda

2018/ 12/ 26
I don't think negative about your skating you showed us two days ago. I mean, I watched your skating on
YouTube more than several times. Like your daughters said to you, I could not praise some easy mistakes you made. The mistakes looked like careless ones to me, and each small mistake totally ended up unexpectedly
giving a negative impression on your artistic skating. If you thought little of the basics, it is a wrong idea. You might have wanted to show us more skillful and difficult jumping or other high level of skating like other
prestigious skaters showed in the past. A talented skater like you would imitate their skills or jumps very easily, but when it comes to the overall artistic impression and your progress or matureness in your skating, I think
that like your coach says to you, it takes more than one more season to make your skating more appealing
and attractive.
You like skating, which the viewers can see very easily. You want to be more skillful, which we know well. And
you want to be the winner of a competition, which we all want to be accomplished by you.

Please be patient and wait for the next chance. We are sure you will overcome the difficulty you are facing
now. Remember we all want you to smile for viewers after you skate. I do hope your dream will come true.