Nikkei average

2018/ 12/ 26
The Nikkei stock market today made my day. In spite of the sharp plunge yesterday, I expected some stocks
to recover like 10 % or so. They did. I was lucky. Soon I sold them. I was lucky enough to earn 500 dollars today in ten minutes. I know it's not big money. I feeling happy because the market moved like I imagined.
On the other hand, I was reading some articles about the future stock market. One of the famous strategist
suggested the market be not strong unless ongoing international agendas are not solved soon. Trump wants money to build wall, and his hard policy about the trade with China will not be understood before the end of
this year. What if some other big issues happen? What if those who want a weak market intentionally make it
weaker? Once the market begins to become weak, it does not end in a week. We surely learned that the
trend needs considerable time to change.

to be continued)