A guy from Russia said like this

2018/ 12/ 28
He said Japan is a strange country, showing me some examples.
1 When a train comes, the announcement is so kind but too noisy.
He said we know the trains in Japan come on time. The Japanese people know that, too. So, why do they
need so much information when the train comes. "A train is coming soon...." "This train is bound for Odawara."
Passengers are supposed to get on the very train for Odawara.

2 Waitresses are so organized.
When he went to talk over coffee, he knew how polite and graceful the waiters and waitresses were. They
used formal expressions because they looked upon him, he thought.

3 Clean streets
He said spit on the street very often every day. But here in Japan, the streets are clean. He saw no garbage
on the street, which made him behave well.

4 People are silent
He didn't find any angry walkers. In Russia or some other countries, he watched so many angry and stupid
drunken guys here and there. People looked clean here.