Why a big quake in Kumamoto?

2019/ 01/ 03
Was the quake the first big one in Japan this year? Maybe. We all know there is always a quake, which we
don't feel makes us scared when it is just a trivial one. When the earthquake happens too deeply under the
ground, however big it may be, we don't know what is really happening there. Our social life is normal. On the contrary, if the seismic center is just a few kilometers under the surface of ground, even the small quake
makes us scared heavily. We keep an eye on the notice of tsunami, being on high alert.
We have a lot of volcanos, active or dead, in Japan. So, it is no wonder that we are supposed to suffer from
them. Explosions of the volcano can't be predicted at all even they show us water vapor. The Meteorological agency gives us some information or warnings when they find some symptoms.
But when it comes to quake, they are not able to predict it. They finally said at a press conference. I
understood well what they were talking then. They looked smarter than I had thought. Who can predict and
tell us that we will have a big quake tomorrow or two weeks later?

Just be safe and well, guys. Kyushyu people, stay calm.