She said, "Don't tell anyone."

2019/ 01/ 04
Sho   :  What?
Sarah:  Can you keep it a secret?
Sho   :  Sure, if you insist.  So, what is it?
Sarah:  (sighs) I found a good way to realize our dream.  It's very easy.  All we have to do is    just write down what we strongly wish to do.  Anyone can do it easily.  It's like, going abroad to study for a year, or, becoming super-rich in the future.   You might think of getting married to a woman in a foreign country as one of the strongest wishes, you talked to me the other day.  Well, I don't know if you still have the idea even now.  Was it just a joke?   I know that some wishes are groundless and stupid, but if you want to accomplish your goals some way or another, just keep them in a notebook or a phone so that you can see them every time you want to.
Sho   :  Done?
Sarah:  Yeah.  Any problem?
Sho   :  What 's the point?  Writing down,,,is that all?  Is it like a diary?
Sarah :  Yeah.  The point is that you don't show the notebook to anyone.  You should not talk about the wises, however real or fake or stupid they may be.  Just keep the wishes in your heart as long as you live.
Sho    : OK.  I see.  
Sarah : So, what's your desire?  What do you want to do this year?
Sho    : Well, I ....
Sarah :  Stop it!  You should not be carried away like this, OK?  Just tell us something ridiculous or something typical, like losing weight or learning a language.  Don't be so generous and lose everything.