The bottom of Nikkei is 18,300 points.

2019/ 01/ 04
  The number is not my personal idea.  I quoted.  The number must be carefully calculated by his staff or coworkers based on the past chart or big data.  He is an investor, as well as a good analyst.  Almost ten years ago, the similar thing happened, so even for me, it was 
important to calculate and find the bottom point of Nikkei.  My point is lower than the one above.  But I know his good and convincing analysis will make other investors follow him more easily.  I just guessed roughly.
  I don't like to predict because the prediction will make me suffocate and stifle me.  Who will 
ask for it?  
 When we suggest or decide something with a logical frame of mind, we think about tons of
possibilities or probabilities.  What if this happens?  What if Prime Minister Abe quits raising a 
consumer tax before October because of bad economy?  What if....  The lists goes on.  We worry too much, which is also why I don't like to predict.  It's easy to imagine something unlucky or negative will happen.

to be continued )

I'm hungry.