EKIDEN sucks?

2019/ 01/ 04
  All participants have to belong to the Kanto Federation of Students Association.  So, the fastest runners living in Osaka, for instance, can't take part in the race.  What a shame.  The door's been closed, it seems.  
  I know from the beginning that they don't mean to exclude the runners living out of the Kanto area.  This race is just a fest wishing a happy new year.  Am I too optimistic?  
  I know that some people call it partial.  
  On the other hand, the college runners in Osaka can enjoy more related holidays.  Go abroad to have fun exposing yourself to different people and cultures.  You will make more progress than exposing yourself to the monotonous, ordinary life as an athlete.  Am I right?  So, what's the problem?
  Some envy the Hakone runners because they run with lots of TV reporters and the cheerful supporters along the streets.   
to be continued)