1) Wanna die on a track?

2019/ 01/ 05
  What?   Again? 
   Kids hate the new start after winter holidays, which means some of them are afraid of being bullied by a group of bad guys at school.  Teachers pretend not to be aware of the bullings.  I know it's hard to find the scene of bulling.  The kids lie to the teachers, with whose report the teachers are satisfied because the teachers don't want to get involved in them.  The teachers walk out of the spot easily.  After coming babk to a staff room, the lucky teachers feel relieved.
  Club members at school are a bother, too.  Dirty boys and girls are everywhere.  Juniors are much more vulnerable and miserable than seniors because some of the bullied seniors are hard on their younger, weak students.  
  We see many sad articles about the students or teenagers almost every day.  Some commit suicide by throwing themselves on a track.  So, every time I find articles about the teenagers, I just stop speculating about what happened to each kid.  My guess must be wrong, I say to myself.
to be continued