Want a slender body? Would you like to try a supplement?

2019/ 01/ 06






  What do you think?  The effect of ●, a supplement,  was broadcast on NHK, while I did not watch the program.  

  For me, I just want to trust the simple theory that we lose weight when the intake of calories is less than we consume it.  Very simple.  

 On the other hand, we tend to eat more than we need.  Some people insist that they were born to eat.    Consumers are likely to be led to buy and eat new cakes or snacks soon after the new goods are shown on TV.   In the middle of information, we tend not to take time to stop and choose what is good and what is bad.  I mean, we tend to eat or drink before we think about the result, easily jumping to what lies before us.  Bad idea, though.

  We know that keeping good company with friends or peers is important, and that saying no when asked out is almost impossible.  Can you say, "Sorry, but I'm on a diet.  Some other time, please. " ?  You should know the better way of declining the invitation, though.  I have a previous appointment, or something like that.  

  When a New Year's Resolution is weight loss, how do you manage yourself?  Do you depend on supplement?