Trump invited a football team to the White House with own expense

2019/ 01/ 15
  The shutdown made some staff stay home even when they wanted to have a party to welcome a football team at the White House.  The picture showed fast food on a table, Donald Trump saying ,"You see that they are all American companies."  
  Would you like to go t a party like that?  Why fast food?  Why on your own expense?
  I wouldn't go there even if I'm asked because what the President is doing now is too provocative.  He should be more serious about the influence on which the wall will have.  The immigrants from the South rob the assets of the US.  Is this what he means?  Are they always bad guys?
  Showing his style like that is nothing new.  The style is what he is or was or has been so far. I'm not surprised at all.  
  By the way, an American reporter asked Trump if he is a Russian agent.  He didn't answer the question.  He might have thought the reporter was correct.  I don't know.
  Likewise, we should not respond to the stupid idea.