Is today blue, red or gold?

2016/ 07/ 09

It's up to you.
We are sleepy and sulky soon after
we wake up, I guess.
Meaning of life?
Nothing to do today?
Don't think that way.
You are too young to be a 
Be optimistic and go out now.
You need something.
You go to downtown.
You see many people hanging out there.
Take some pictures.  Laugh at clowns!
Keep walking here and there until you
feel good.
Life is not boring.  
If you make your life boring, that's a 
big problem.  
Again, go somewhere to feel excited.
Driving to the suburb gives you
fresh air and a different way of 
seeing things.
It's like rereading a book, like watching 
a touching movie one more time.
Still, you feel bored?
Go back to your bed and keep sleeping.
Don't watch TV.
TV will make our life boring.