Are Japanese people good targets for IS?  No.

2016/ 07/ 09
The tragedy never leaves my memory even now after some heckteck mess in my workplace.  Paper keeps telling us that IS has changed its stance about Japanese people overseas.  
Researchers and critics, making the utmost use of correondants and living information, say from now on Japanese people should be very careful when in foreign countries.  Turky and Bangladesh are not appropriate places for sight seeing.  Even in Tokyo or some other big cities in Japan, we should be on high alert, actually.
When it comes to the change of stance, I don't think IS aimed to kill Japanese people there.  They were unfortunately involved in the incident, I guess.  
A man retired from his company to use his skill and knowledge about railway system overseas.  He went to Bangladesh because he wanted to contribute the society there.  He thought it's worth working for the country, never imagining he would be one of the victims of the violent attack.  
It is like an plane crash.  Is it fate?