2019/ 03/ 04
Hello Yamamomo,

You know the division which I'm working in. Some members of the division got transferred because of bad
achievements. So, in April, we will welcome new staff who are supposed to work with me in order to make your project successful.

I said 'bad achievement,' but it is not a correct expression. Everything happens so sudden in our company.
I'm sure that Yashiro, a leader of our division, agreed to work with a few leaders of other divisions to change
some staff intentionally. They listed up the members they don't like to work with. This case has nothing to do with what we call faction thing. They are eager to make our company move on and be one of the best
semi-conductor companies in Japan. I don't know what why have I mind, though.

The project you made is though to be so marvelous even among managerial positions that they decided to
recruit new guys, it seems. It is really a good result, though you are not here to work with us. Your idea is beyond description.

I know there are always bad and greedy guys who want to take advantage of someone's misfortune. They
easily got your idea.

Midori-san is leaving our company soon, working in Sndai Miyagi Prefeture. Shiraishi will be in Kyoto in April. What is worse, I am leaving for Sapporo soon.