The abductions of the North Korean government will not end

2019/ 03/ 04
The abductions of Japanese citizens from Japan by agents of the North Korean government took place
during a period of six years from 1977 to 1983.[1] Although only 17 Japanese (eight men and nine women) are officially recognized by the Japanese government as having been abducted,[2] there may have been
hundreds of victims.[3] The North Korean government has officially admitted to abducting 13 Japanese

I quoted some sentences from Yahoo.

Well, when I was living in the northern part of Japan, I often heard someone talk about the missing citizens. The usually talked like it was 'kamikakushi.' The 'kamokakushi' meant snatching or kidnapping. So, I was afraid of being taken by someone I did not know. I decided to hang around with the elderly boys and girls who
looked stronger and sturdier than me. I wanted to depend on them just in case.

Now, I have been living in Yokohama. Some of my friends in the countryside say the North Korean
government is still taking younger people out of Japan by sea.

We don't know such and such works at such and such company even in a small community in Yokohama, but in the countryside people are curious to know about someone's personal secrets and information. His
daughter got pregnant. He changed a job. She is seeking a job.

to be continued