Be careful!  Are they good shops?  

2019/ 05/ 04
I know a high school boy busy wrapping a toy and some parts with gorgeous color paper.
He finished the wrapping in a few minutes. saying "This is perfect!'  
The wrapped stuff looked cheap and dirty.  It's too late.  
But I pretended not to see it.  I mean, I left the room quickly because I would have asked him to pay more attention to the look of the wrapping style and the good condition of the toy had I stayed there longer.  I would have hurt his feelings if I had given him advice.
The high school boy looked pleasant because he thought he was done well.
I wonderd if the customer would want to return the stuff because of the bad quality and damaged parts while delivered.  I know the student put a few broken parts into a small  box before it was wrapped with other stuff.
Does he admit that he was wrong or that he would replace them?
Does he ignore the complaints?