For or against the 10 consecutive holidays?

2019/ 05/ 06
   These ten holidays will help revitalize small cities which the scenic spots belong to, the staff working for the central government might have thought.  Some of them might have thought the tourists would spend money there. which would lead to good economy in the countryside, too.  
    When the government wants tax revenue, the idea of making people spend money will help make up for the decreasing income.  
    They took advantage of the important religious abdication of Emperor and Empress.  The accession of new Emperor and Empress is also just one of tons of Shinto events which most of Japanese people don't understand.  Two rituals doesn't require ten days when they are held without any disturbance.  
     People were forced to see the plain, old-fashion Shinto style of rituals on TV because the government issued notice to each TV station beforehand.  They used every newspaper company, big department stores and whatever they thought they could succeed in drawing attention from the public.
    The holidays helped a rookie worker.
    Taro decided to get accustomed to the office as soon as possible to be a good worker.  In April, he circled ten days beginning on April 27.   The elder coworkers in his office complained behind his back about his sluggish way of understanding his job.  Taro knew about that.  
     He was the only graduate that came to the law office, feeling it hard to get along with his colleagues.  They looked smarter than Taro, he thought. The academic backgrounds among the lawyers differed respectively, but they all majored in business law.  Taro didn't feel inferior to them because he didn't graduate from Tokyo University.   
     While they are off, I will come and get these papers done during the holidays, Taro thought.  "I will catch up with them soon and make them look back at me," he thought.  

    There are always bright side and dark side in everything.  
    What do you think?