What is a good blog?

2019/ 05/ 16
Every time I saw a bad ranking of my blog, I always began to search for other good blogs, wondering what kind of blogs people wanted.  

Sometimes I spent much more time searching for good hints to write a blog than usual, referring to the historical facts and the relevant articles about the specific topics.  I read tons of magazines and the pages of books.  So I was satisfied with my effort.  I did it, I thought.

I just wanted to get a good ranking, I guess. 

Was that all?  Yeah.  

I found, however, that was a wrong idea.  Totally wrong!  

At first, It's almost impossible to keep the good ranking, say, for two or three hours even if I luckily get the good ranking because of the hard work.  

As a beginner, I should have known that the good blogs have been read and paid attention to for a longer time than I imagined.  They keep writing every day, looking for a good topic.  They know how to draw attention form the public, using more pictures and movies than I do.  

They had their fans.  Furthermore, the some bloggers use the blogs to earn money.  They write the blog to get money.  

( to be continued )