Good hermit or bad hermit?

2019/ 05/ 29
Hikikomori is someone who stays at home and rarely goes out to meet people.  
The man, who assaulted school children in Kawasaki yesterday, was reported to be a hermit.  Some TV companies never hesitated to tell the viewers the personal trait which tends to make us misunderstand a hermit.
He just wanted to stay at home, feeling safe and comfortable.  That's all.  Becoming a hermit leads to the cause of a later crime.  Really?  Are you sure?If it is a common opinion among people, I have to ask them what they've learned so far.  For example, were the criminals all hermits?  Did they prefer staying at home to going out to meet people?  No.  They pretended to be normal and honest in public, getting along with co-workers.   In fact I didn't know about them mainly because I was not interested in the personal likes or dislikes.  Again, people stay at home because they like to feel free from the crowd, noise and stress.  Staying at home has nothing to do with committing a crime. 
Several TV companies should show the viewers the correct scientific data which prove becoming a hermit is a trigger for a crime.