A mid night mail

2016/ 07/ 31
Why now?
Tomorrow is about to begin.
Today's almost over.
Is it so urgent?
Aren't you sleepy?
You said you were joining a seminR for three dyas,
and that it was so exciting that you couldn't sleep well.
That's why you wanted to talk about the stuff we have to get gone later?
Yow want me o tell you this again.
A young lady, who was a translator and a good servant to the leader of  a clan, 
went to see a guest from a foreign country at night.   She slepped into his bed, 
saying nothing.  That was how she showed her love.
The next morning, however, she behaved as if nothing had happened between the two a couple of hours ago.
When asked by the foreigner, she said, "That's what happened before a day 
breaks.  It's over.  I followed my feelings then.  When the day is over, we'll not 
see the same feelings ever.   
So, the day was about to be over.  I was feeling excited about the next new day!
But you texted me at midnight, making me think that tomorrow will begin with
 the junk idea of job.