You act so because you think so.

2016/ 08/ 08
You eat breakfast because you feel hungry.
You go to school becaude you think you have to go there.
We practice swinging on a tennis court because we think our swinging theory is correct.
So, we feel or think before we do something.  Based on the feelings or the theories, we do.
The results are messy and miserable because what we feel or think is not  correct.
Change the content, I mean, if we think we have more room to be improved in our brain, we should learn more precisely and minutely.
Our brain, software, should be always uploaded to make us more successful.
I do not want to call it 'error and trial,' because success in you is only temporal and fleeting.
Even if  think you finally found the secret of golf, you may also see some other better golf players getting better scores.
Instead of the secret, some players just spend more time practicing harder than others.
I do not know what mkes leads us to sccess.  While practicing hard, some can find the secret they do not notice.  They need coaches in that case because we need an objective eye from someone else we trust.  Recording or video taping is  ot enough.  W e are not researchers.  
To improve ourselves, we need advice.  We need people, too.