Would you like to be No.!? Then, how?

2019/ 08/ 28
  What is required to be No.!?  When all of the runners want to be a winner, what(s the secret of the victory?  Is it hard raining?  Is it planned running, I mean, time schedule?  Is it water?  Is it cheering along the street?
  Almost all of the marathon runners have experienced hard training, ups and downs, and everything.  I mean, they all shared almost the same past.  
  But the winer looks always different.  (s)he puts on a spurt when other runners 
nearby also want to do so.  Turns out the first mover succeeds in winning the race.  The runner up always has regrets.  I should have been more careful about the move....  It's too late, though.
  So, it's easy to explain why the runner could win the race. I was watching 10,000 meters race on YouTube now.  The winner was placed in the third or the fourth when there were only two laps to go.  Good position.  Every viewer must have thought there would be a change the front.  It happened.  The fastest runner was not supposed to finish first.  A couple of following runners overtook the lead runner.  We know that's how there is a change at the front.  
   Some people call it time management, others tactics.  

( to be continued )