Why you run so fast?

2016/ 08/ 16
Tell me the reason why you run so fast.

Is the technique acquired if I practice hard?

Or, do you think that the secret is just between you and God?

May be you are right. We had better not know what the secret is.

I mean, if everydody can run 100 meters within 10 seconds after hard practice,

there should not be people who spend thier whole life searching for the truth in, like art or dancing.

A large number of peope would regtet wasting time.

But I know about 10,000 hours like you do.

To be a master of piano player, all we have to do is keep practicing for at least 10,000 hours.

To be an excellent English speaker, to be a good pitcher of a baseball,

Why don't you start now, exposing yourself to the target that will surely make you big in 10 years.

Here, 10 years has nothing do do with 10,000 hours.

1,000 hours a year, meaning 3 hours a day?

I don't mean it.

I want to stick to 10,000 hours in total.

What do you think about this 10,000 hours?