What is abortion? 中絶はいいのか。

2019/ 08/ 30
  I'm for the idea of abortion.  Why not?  
      I mean, our opinions and thoughts change so often that it is not easy to keep sticking to the same original attitude and the way we think.  When we know that things change, we should be flexible in order to adapt ourselves to that's happening to and around us.   The idea is very simple to understand, I hope.
      A fetus makes us happy and excited especially when the baby is the first visitor to our family.  We tend to imagine what she or he is going to look like.   Red shoes would make the baby in the stroller look happiest among babies in the world.  We begin to welcome the new life.
      The party time does not last so long.  The couple has so many things to consider.  Even one drop of blood from the pregnant woman can tell us the future possibility of the baby's having cancer or other diseases.  What if you are told that the baby will have autism?  What about cancer?  What about some other disabilities by nature?  
      Be responsible for what you've chosen!  It is illegal to have an abortion whatever the reason.  The life is not yours so you don't have the right to choose.  Would you like to say so?
      Are we killers if we choose to have an abortion?  Should we be punished because of the abortion?  Having a baby is not like going to buy a dog or a cat.  
      It's true that some people think their life will be ruined because of the diseases or handicap the baby has.  When the mother is pushing 40, for example, she thinks it's too hard to keep taking care of her child for the rest of her life, say, till the child becomes 20.   What if she dies when her child needs the specific care?  She doesn't mean to welcome the baby, but the life after the birth must be so tough and hard for the mother and the child too, I think.  Other negative reasons come up very easily.  Just look around you, and you'll find some of them.
      We have different opinions and attitude about everything.  One flash of hope surely makes us feel happy when we know the pregnancy, but just have a look at the reality.  Our life is complicated,  The social system is not enough to accept the diversity.  

to be continued )