Ekiden marathon

2017/ 01/ 03
The idea of dividing the whole course into five short distances makes us unatrractive and misleading about the New Year festival.   
I said it's a fest, right?  The gathering wants TV staff, sponcers and college to  draw attention from the public.  The fest, however,  always needs tear jerkers.  TV annoucers like go to extremes, which makes us away from the fest.  
where has a lonely runner gone?  Every runner is surrounded and guarded by the police and those involved.  Trains stop.  Coaches, in a car, yell at runners ahead of them.  But no water in spite of comparatively warm weather!  
While those joining in Triathlon look like real iron men and women, there is nobody explaining how they overcame their hardships and difficulties after some agonising period of the duldrums, how hard their dead fathers or mothers are cheering them up to win the race.  They make viewers disgusting and sick.
Japanese people purposefully tend to look weak to get affection from others.  If we look fragile and frail, people look back to be of help.  TV reporters are good at taking advantage of this trend.  They're profesionally skillful to make viewers take a sympathetic look at runners.  Fake stories are rampant here and there.  Where has the critical way of seeing you learned in college gone?