People in the advanced stage

2017/ 01/ 09
Are you determined to kill yourself before you know everything?
You will know how long you can live because of the process you have been going through, and how much your beloved people will miss you soon.
Are you confident that you stand the pshycial pain and the mental one?
The fear you feel makes you small and less insecured day by day.
You are encouraged to stay fine by doctors, nurses and friends.
Two years?  Three years?
No.  One month.  Or less than three weeks.
When you feel as if you regained a healthy body without any pains,
as if cancer had forgotten to attack you,
as if you could go back home to spend some good time with your family,
the  night before the storm seems too calm and peaceful.
Who gave you such a peaceful hallucination?    
Don't misunderstand.  Don't get mislead.
 You forget something.  Stage four!  See the reality.
I have never seen people coming back home after stage four.
So, what should we do?