An English test, reading & listening?

2019/ 11/ 09
That's why the students learning English for more than 6 years tend to think that English is just for the two basic skills lacking the more important other two skills:speaking and writing.
So, the teenagers can do nothing but sit down and copy the blackboard during the English class.  Teachers are busy explaining grammar, giving a quiz or making the kids quiet so that they can hear the listening disc.  The students are not requred to practice talking in English with their classmates or an native English teacher near them in class.  Unbelievable!  No living English in school!  
A former minister of the Abe cabinet once said it's a big problem that the students learning for more than 6 years can't speak English.  He knew nothing about why.  Go look at some awful English classrooms where English is not used at all.  Learning English in elementary school?  The English class is nothing but a waste of money and energy.
Schools can give some hints to good learners, but the learns should not completely trust the school system where there exist incredibly unimaginable rules to maintain the idea of 'group orientation.'   
to be continued)