Sexual harassement?

2017/ 01/ 30
When I talk to foreigners in English, I want them to talk back as peers.  I mean, without feeling any difference of age.  In most cases, the people I meet talk to me like they are old friends of mine.
I really prefer their attitudes very much.  They never bow to me to show how they respect me,and they never hesitate to keep talking and ignoring me though I am the oldest person in a group.  I really buy the idea.
On the other hand, I talk with young people in a small staff room with care.  I have to be very careful so that I will not hurt others' feelings.  
I found Jokes don't work well especially when I talk to younger generations.  I finally understood this is because of the hidden hierarchy especially in age.  Even a difference of one day means a lot to them.  They want to put an emphasis on hierarchy almost in everything.  Seniors are supposed to look arrogant ,and should lead juniors somewhere even when there is only a tiny difference of age.  
Confucianism has affected us a lot.  
Why?  Did the government ask each bird of education to adopt the idea?  What made school boys and girls obedient to teachers and elder people?  Where did the idea begin to affect children?  
Long story short, that is why I hesitate to talk to young people.  They have a strong feeling that they should obey us, elder people.  The idea makes me unwilling to talk to them again.  
When young people are anxious about how they admire or respect elder people, the elder people do not always feel satisfied with the young people.  The elder people know younger guys mean nothing to them because they have nothing to learn from the kids.  
I have to be very careful in talking to younger women because even a word might cause sexual harassment.
The other day, I found that a music teacher got a haircut.  Her hair was long and black, like a typical Japanese hair.  So I liked her hair.  
I was walking in the hall, and we met each other around the corner.  She was returning from her class, and I was moving to my class. We almost bumped.