Do you want to have a baby?

2017/ 02/ 03
I f you are in your twenties, go ahead.  Do not lose the chance.  Night must  be busy.
I f you are in your thirties, try the second baby.
 In your forties, however, you need to see a doctor before pregnancy in terms of danger of giving birth.
I do not know the degree of danger.  Is it critical for women?  I know it is up to each woman.  
For some women, childbirth is easy, for others....
Do they get a good support from the government?  
Those who need a sterilization treatment should get finacial support from each local government.  The purpose is not make the number of population big.  It is totally welfare.

Life styles changed a lot.  Young and old, we want to work until we say no if the working conditions are not bad.  

It's good for us to keep joining in the society we made.  The desire of work should be admired.