A lady on a train.

2017/ 06/ 29
She looked tired, breathing like she just finished a 100-meter dash.

I didn't look at her. I just glanced.

Her eyes met mine. It was nothing.

She was looking around to look for room to sit.

There was enough room she could find.

So, I kept listening to music on my smartphone.

It was raining hard out there. The weahter cast was lying.

He said it would be fair soon.

Well, her coat was completely wet, her umbrella heavy with rain water.

She didn' t sit, though.

With a towel she wiped her face and hair.

She took out a handy mirror to check her lips this time.

I didn't stare at her, but I knew what she was doing.

I dedided not to be aware of her existence. OK, she is not supposed to be here.

I knew she looked nice. Not fat. Looks smart.

I closed my eyes, pretending to be sleepy. Music made me drowsy.

There were five more stops before I got off.

Soon I noticed someone sat next to me because I felt the cushion sink a bit.

I didn't open my eyes. This is a train. Passengers come and go.

But the sudden, faint smell of a lily, I definitely knew it was a lily flower, reminded me of

the summer peninsula in the countryside, where I enjoyed taking pictures with my elder sister.

The blue sea and the lilies struck me. The flashing pictures appeared one by one.

The lily flower should be on a altar of my funeral....

Well, I had to open my eyes to see who was next to me.

The woman with a drenched coat was here, her umbrella still wet.

When she put on perfume I didn't know.

When she changed her hair I didn't know.

I thouhgt she was there to attract me because of the smell of a lily.

What a morning! I felt excited, and my heart started pounding.

Look, the rain stopped. I could see the sun slowly appear from behind the black layers of summer clouds.

I found the rainy season was over.