Tips for a fine performance during summer holidays

2017/ 07/ 19
Given enough time to study for tests and college entrance examinations,
you should know what to do for a suoer high perfromance.

Don't ignore the basics.
Good tennis players do not hate a simple and boring repetitive practice every day. Successful language learners also know why
it's important to practice at the specific time every day.

This is just my personal idea.
I sometimes feel excited to know every piece of word I have learned so far is well connected to the present topic to make
sense. I don't remember when I memorized each expression and phrase, but when I find myself making use of such buried
expressions, I feel great.

I'm wondering if anyone can explain why this relaevance happens while enjoying a conversation. I call it relevance, but it's just recalling what we memorized unconsiously. The path to advancement or a good achievement makes us feel confident. The
awarness of the tiny success surely gives us much more satisfaction than we imagine.
(to be continued)