Date site makes me disgusting after sending money

2017/ 07/ 22
It's too late, though.
Should I call the police to ask some money back?
Do the police offers order the managers working there to send money back to stupid believers in such fraud site?
Do consumer protection centers help us?
City hall?
Board of education?
Each  customer is not defended as long as he stays alone wating for a reply from the part-time worker busy sending fraud messages.
Refer to some websites to know you've been paying much money without any possibility of meeting cute ladies.
Don't trust pictures.
Pictures were made.  Only one picture is enough to deceive one thousand stupid people.
You don't believe the editing process of picture.
One cucumber can become Madonna.  
Your old, deserted picture can attract a number of stupid men online.
I said online because we are supposed to be fraud online.