Hwang Jini 会いたいな

2017/ 08/ 02
Though she was a illegitimate child of a nobleman and a blind gisaeng, she turned out to be the top dancer in the kingdom.

What impressed me about the story is that Hwang Jini wanted sincerity most in romance, and that she thouhgt women should not
be merely a plaything for men. At that time, the difference of a social status determined everything. Free romance was not allowed of course. Male chauvanism prevailed almost everywhere in the country. For men to show respect for women means that the women are attractive because they were good at poems, dancing, and so on. So do I. I mean I want to see her.

Hwang Jini sometimes looked arrogant and self-conceited, but she had a good reason to do so. Living with competitive rivals requres not only strong will but cunning way of negotiation even with colse friends. The the way she thouhgt about love has captured me a lot. Maybe I belong to those who have old-fashioned way of loving people. I need to know make sure that two of the lovers share the same sense of value, that is, sympathy or sincerity.

Let me see you Hwang Jini.