You're already brainwashed. Too bad.

2017/ 08/ 26
What have you learned so far?

Spending so much time at school,

more than 12 years, if you're lucky,

Listening to teachers almost every day,

Reading books, watching movies and TV,

Making fuss about idols and movie stars.

Were any of the flimdy scenes available and beneficial to form your personal character?

Do you think each one of person somehow affected you?


We talk, sneer to critisize or accept some of them.

We surely had an opton.

This is important.

If you just listen to others and say yes, you are an idiot.

Say yes to seniors or teachers there, but don't say yes to you so easily.

You take time to digest their idears and teachings.

Don't waste your time.

Be sure to be youself.

You can borrow someone's idea.

Read between the lines.

You need to infer from what the story you listtened to.

Don't be brainwashed.

There are guys who are good at manipulating people.

Be on a high alert, always.