Evacuation drill

2017/ 08/ 27
September is a good month for Japanese to practice an evacuation drill.

The most appealing drill must be about an earthquake.

Not only the one, 関東大震災, that hit Tokyo on Septemnbefr 1 in 1923, but the recent 東日本地震, alway reminds us of

the importance of drill.

Remenber that our county has to live with he large number of vocano zones, and that the capricious Pacific Plate is ready to

threaten us every day.

The 東日本地震 offered one more crucial issue, which is about the safty of atomic power plant. The problem jolted our

country in that more than than half of the buildings were destroyed only to emmit radioactive stuff in the air. The Chernobyl

disater hit upon us, we thought.

The end of the world! We're dying because of the wrong policy about nuclear power plant.

Did we support the wrong party? Did they lie to us about the safety? Were we too ignorant of the power plant?

I remember visiting tons of such websidtes as geology, health and traumatic disorder and so on to get the scientific data.

Evacuation drill is important especially for elder peole, kids and what we call the socially weak people.

We are always on high

(to be continued)