What was SDF doing?

2017/ 08/ 29
Didn't SDF work this time?

Didn't it get an order to shoot down the missile ?

Who decided? The US army? Of course.

I know our country alone should not decide if shooting down is a good choice. Every military action needs

permission based on a Japn-US security arrangements. Looks stupid, but it's true.

Before SFD got an permission, everything was over.

Am I right?


Because US headquaters had known everything from the exact time of launchinging to water landing.

Since a Google company invented a high-sensitivity camera, and we knew the company would see every momoent of our life.

So, why not about the launching?

Prime minister Abe said we were grasping everything about the ICBM. The comment implies something profound.

South Korea, Japan and US agreed to cooperate for the stability of Korean Peninsula, it is said.

What if the leader of North Korea informed the three leaders of the missile beforehand?

I believe he surely did. The four leaders knew everything.

But people in each country knew nothing about when and where the missiles go.

Well, what if the leaders all knew about the previous launching beforehand?

We want the Japanese government to disclose information they have about agreement, if any.