Good morning North korea!

2017/ 08/ 29
How are you doing, people?

I was surprised to know that launching missiles is nothing new any more for people in North Korea.

On TV, a few passengers from North Korea were asked how they felt after the launching.

They all looked indifferent and apathetic about it. I know why. They feel they have to look like that.

Because if they are regarded as a dissidient, they are forced to be repatriated soon from Narita Airport. There are always

secret plainclothes police officers here and there. Be careful!

Most of the repatiates will be punished severely whatever the reason. Their family members and friends are in jeapady, too.

Watch you mouth.

Yes. They should look cooperatieve. This is how they were kid of ordered to act and behave in public.

Parents and friends might have told them about do's and don'ts espcially in public.

So, the interviewing at the airport was meaningless, only to show that they were not allowed to speak freely. It's a pity that

people don't have freedom of speech even out of their own country.

Anyway, they said that the same will happen soon, and that the leaders have launched missiles many times. So why not again?

One of the passengers who answered the question looked calm and quie, looking around as if to be on a high alert.

Good morning, again.

We had a similar situation where fredom of speech was out of the question. The main purpose was surely to exclude


Refer to our history for more details. I will do, too.