I'm sorry for the grieving father from China

2017/ 08/ 31
The father had no idea why his daughter committed suicide, telling the police that she was an adorable and smart daughter.

How did he feel when he saw his daughter becoming a skeleton?

What if you saw one of your important people lying in front of you? He/She is dead on bed, utterly motionless.

You would not believe your eyes because you haven't seen someone close dead. That was when my father passed away

four years ago. I thought that he was just sleeping, like one hot aummer afternoon in a house. Coming back home from rice

fields, my super-sweaty father used to wiped his body with a rugged towel, saying, " Cool! Underground water makes us alive!

Son, why don't you come and drink this water?"

It took three years until I realized the death of my father. He was nowhere. In the mornings, I didn't see him any more

at breakfast. At noon, I didn't get a phone call in Tokyo. He used to call me to ask if I am fine. In the evenings,

I gradually came to long for those days I spent with him. Visiting his grave meant nothing. I couldn't believe he was sleeping

in such a narrow confined hole. He was always alive within me to encourage when I faceed difficulties, when I needed someone

to rely on, and when I wnated to see him. He never died. Since he passed away, the gap we felt became a tiny one, I guess.

Now, for the father from China, this reality must be hell. Nothing will make up for the loss. But, I ask you not to be

over-distressed at her death. She had a good reason. Don't blame her for what she did. Just ket her go.

You'll feel her more closely soon, have more time to talk to her, and understand her better that you did so far.

It's not your fault. It's not her fault. It's nobody's fault. She was just smart, starting afresh like her words showed in a note.

And she did what she believed.

I'm sorry for you, Dad.