Don't donate money so easily.

2017/ 08/ 31
Some organizations are false, busy raising fund from us.
We should know better ways to contribute to the society where we see tons of 
tragic scenes almost every day.  What we call the social weak wants not money 
from us.  They want something humane:people.   People mean warm hands 
and hugs.  People mean resources which we all want when we are in need.
If someone is just satisfied with a large amount of donation, we should have
in mind that his style is different from ours.  We differ from person to person.
The idea of conforming to or following the only one typical example is stupid 
because the  recipients have only one option.  They don't always expect us to 
give them a variety of support, but I would feel upset and embarrassed 
when I know I asked for money.  I would feel humiliated when given money.
Present Social welfare system is not working well enough to make up for
what we really want.  Clothes, houses and foods are not enough both 
in quality and quantity.  I would rather stay at home than get 
insufficient service from the local government.  
There is no place like home.
Back to donation, disaster victims are not always happy with stuff from people.
We want people; encouragement and warmth.