The sooner the better?

2017/ 09/ 11
Some parents have  wrong ideas taking their kids to English school to make them good English speakers.
They think the sooner the better.  Bright future lies before their kids after the early and successful effort they should make during their infanthood.  The harder they practuce, the more successful life they will lead.
When kids can not judge whether it is good or not to learn a foreign language at the age of four or five, they are forced and pushed to learn English  by the hyper enthusiastic parents.
Here are some questions:
What if the kids become bored and sick of going to see the English teacher?
What if the kids are  brainwashed by the wrong English teacher?
What if the parents wrongly take their kids to the teachers with wrong teaching methodology?
What if parents notice their kids become sick because of the enforcement?
What if their kids are bullied because they speak good English?
When kids have an option in deciding to learn English, they think nothing of the hard practicing.