Running away is the best policy?

2017/ 09/ 22
The student could come to class almost every day in April and May.

He felt a strong desire to keep up with the class and school at the beginning of the new year.

He made evvery effort to come to school like other students did.

In June and July, he gardually began to absent himself from school. More than half of the months, he was

absent from school.

He complained he had a headache, and that the he couldn't wake up in the morning to be in time for school.

Summer hokidays gave him a good opportunity to have a break. He felt relaxed, also feeling inconfident and anxious about

his grades at school.

Following his parents' advice, he decided to attend a department of pshychosomatic medicine at college during holidays.

Asked why he came to see the soctor, the student said," My mom told me to see a doctor."

"If I look free, you have the wrong idea. I don't know what happped to you, but without symptoms, it seems difficult to

cure your 'disease.' See what I mean? I'll bet you are not coming to see me for months. You said you are here because

your mother told you to. If you need my help, I will support you somohow."

His parents thought the doctor does not work. So, the student has not the doc since then.

( to be continued )